Research Triangle Park, NC--January 14, 1998--On the heels of the revelation that Red Hat Software's Red Hat Linux operating system was used by Digital Domain as a component in the rendering of visual effects for the blockbuster movie, Titanic, Red Hat Software now announces that Digital Domain will again use their operating system in a "rendering farm" for the visual effects to at least ten commercials to be shown during the Superbowl.

As to how and why Red Hat Linux has come to find a home in Hollywood, Digital Domain's Daryll Strauss tells of rendering the visuals for Titanic. "We had several Alpha systems running on other operating systems, but they kept crashing down," said Strauss. "So we partitioned the hard drive and put Red Hat Linux on the Alphas, and our Linux boxes were more productive and we got more out of them."

In fact, Digital Domain will continue to get more out of their Linux boxes. Ten commercials in prime Superbowl slots will be rendered using the Red Hat Linux "render farm," indicating that Red Hat Linux may have found a home in Hollywood. The exceptional value, versatility and interoperability of Linux make it extremely attractive to production studios and graphic artists all around the world. And Hollywood's widespread use of free software is proof positive that people are indeed getting the most out of their Red Hat Linux operating systems.

Look for Red Hat to sponsor a contest to see who can guess which Superbowl commercials are rendered with Red Hat Linux. Details about this event will be forthcoming. Which commercials will it be?

About Digital Domain

Digital Domain is a full-service production studio located in Venice, California. They generate visual effects for feature films and commercials, as well as new media applications. Digital Domain's feature film credits include Interview with a Vampire, True Lies, Apollo 13, Dante's Peak and The Fifth Element. For more information about Digital Domain, please visit the web site at

About Linux

Linux is the cooperatively developed POSIX-oriented, multi-user, multi-tasking operating system used world wide. Linux is a high value, fully functional UNIX workstation for Internet servers and other applications. Red Hat Linux is maintained as "freely distributable" software available from many sites on the Internet.

About Red Hat Software, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Red Hat Software is based in Research Triangle Park, NC, where it builds and maintains the Red Hat Linux distribution of the Linux operating system for Intel, DEC Alpha, and Sun SPARC platforms. Red Hat Software also publishes and maintains commercial applications for Linux including OSF Motif, CDE, and the Applixware Office Suite.

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