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(?) Exchange Client for Linux

From "Bill"

Answered By Mike Martin, Faber Fedor, John Karns

(!) [Heather] William has requested anonymity in accordance with our ask-the-gang guidelines.

My employer recently migrated to the Micrsoft Exchange Server. The problem is that many of us use linux and would prefer to not have to use Microsoft Outlook. This is further complicated in that the company make heavy use of the Exchange Calendaring features, so the answer is not a simple as to have the Exchange administrator configure the server to vend the mail via pop as we still need access to the calendars.

Anyone know of a linux client to Exchange that supports Calendaring?


(!) [Mike M] For full support I think you need ximian evolution ftp://ftp.ximian.com/pub
and unfortunately the ximian exchange connector (which is 70 pound a pop)
This should work exactly like outlook
If your exchange server is configured to use ldap you may not need the connector
(!) [Faber] Have you looked at Bynari (http://www.bynari.com)? They have a product called InsightClient that (supposedly) does what you want.
If you decide to use it, would you be willing to post information on how well it works? I'd love to hear about it.
Regards, Faber
(!) [John K] Probably best to run a native Linux app as suggested by others, but another alternative might be to run Outlook under Codeweaver's Crossover pkg. That way, at least you wouldn't have to switch your OS.

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