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document updates (22Mar2000)

  IPMasquerading+Napster mini-HOWTO
  John E. Danner
  v1.1, 22 March 2000

    * updated

  SRM Firmware Howto
  Rich Payne <mailto:rdp@alphalinux.org>, and David Huggins-
  Daines <mailto:dhuggins@linuxcare.com>
  v0.6.1, 5 March 2000

    * updated

  RPM HOWTO - RPM at Idle
  Donnie Barnes Red Hat, Inc. djb@redhat.com
  Revision V3.0 3 November 1999

    * re-added from OSWG repository

  Vladimir Vuksan vuksan@veus.hr
  Revision v4.6 November 14, 1999

    * (re-?)added from OSWG repository

  Zach Brown
  January 2000

    * added from OSWG repository

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