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Announce: Dutch translated HOWTOs now available

We wish to welcome a Dutch translation team from the Netherlands
who have graciously made their HOWTOs (with Guides coming soon!)
available from the LDP host site:


Here is the team responsible for this fine effort:

    Language: Dutch
    Coordinator:  NL-Doc team (nldoc@nl.linux.org)
                  Ellen Bokhorst (bokkie@nl.linux.org)
                  Jan-Willem Smaal (smaal@nl.linux.org)

    WWW Site: http://nl.linux.org/doc/
    FTP Site: ftp://ftp.nl.linux.org/pub/HOWTO/

regards and welcome!

Greg Ferguson     - s/w engr / mtlhd         | gferg@sgi.com
SGI Tech Pubs     - http://techpubs.sgi.com  | 
Linux Doc Project - http://www.linuxdoc.org  |

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