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  Java Decompiler HOW-TO
  Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)        alavoor@yahoo.com
  v1.0, 12 July 2000

  This document will help you to de-compile the Java class programs.
  This documents gives a list of decompilers which can reverse engineer
  the Java class files and generate the Java source code files.  Thie is
  very helpful if you do not have the Java source code file and have
  only the Java class files. The information in this document applies to
  all the operating sytems where Java language/Java VM runs.

	* NEW entry


  Software Release Practice HOWTO
  Eric S. Raymond <esr@thyrsus.com>
  2.4, 12 July 2000

	* updated


  Linux IP Masquerade HOWTO
  David Ranch, dranch@trinnet.net
  v1.90, July 03, 2000

	* updated

On request from the author...Changes from 1.85 to 1.90 - 07/03/00

* Updated the URL for TrinityOS to reflect its new layout
* Caught a typo in the IPCHAINS rulesets where I was setting
"ip_ip_always_defrag" instead of "ip_always_defrag"
* The URL to Taro Fukunaga was invaild since it was using "mail:" instead
* Added some clarification to the "Masqing multiple internal interfaces"
some people didn't understand why eth0 was referenced multiple times.
* Fixed another "space after the EXTIP variable" bug in the stronger
section. I guess I missed one.
* In Test #7 of Section 5, I referred users to go back to step #4. Thats
have been step #6.
*Updated the kernel versions that came with SuSe 5.2 and 6.0
* Fixed a typo (or vs. of) in Section 7.2
* Added Item #9 to the Testing MASQ section to refer users who are still
MASQ problems to read the MTU entry in the FAQ
* Improved the itemization in Section 5
* Updated the IPCHAINS syntax to show the MASQ/FORWARD table. Before, it
valid to run "ipchains -F -L" but now only "ipchains -M -L" works.
* Updated the LooseUDP documentation to reflect the new LooseUDP behavior
2.2.16+ kernels. Before, it was always enabled, now, it defaults to OFF
due to
a possible MASQed UDP port scanning vunerability. I have updated the BASIC
SEMI-STRONG IPCHAINS rulesets to reflect this option.
* Updated the recommended 2.2.x kernel to be 2.2.16+ since there is a TCP
exploit vunerability in all lesser versions.
* Added Redhat 6.2 to the MASQ supported list
* Updated the link for Sonny Parlin's FWCONFIG to now point to fBuilder.
* Updated the various example IP addresses from 111.222.333.444 to be to be within a valid IP address range
* Updated the URL for the BETA H.323 MASQ module
* Finally updated the MTU FAQ section to help out PPPoE DSL and Cablemodem
users. * Basically, the MTU-issues section now reflects that users can
change the MTU settings of all of their INTERNAL machines to solve the
MASQ MTU issue.
* Added a clarification to the PORTFW section that PORTFWed connections
work for EXTERNAL clients will not work for INTERNAL clients. If you also
INTERNAL portfw, you will need to also impliment the REDIR tool as well. I
noted that this issue is fixed in the 2.4.x kernels with Netfilter.
* I also added a technical explination from Juanjo to the end of the
section to why this senario doesn't work properly.
* Updated all of the IPCHAINS URLs to point to Paul Rusty's new site at
* Updated Paul Rustys email address
* Added a new FAQ section for users whose connections remain idle for a
time and their PORTFWed connection no longer work.
* Updated all the URLs to the LDP that pointed to metalab.unc.edu to the
site of linuxdoc.org
* Updated the Netfilter URLs to point to renamed HOWTOs, etc.
* I also updated the status of the 2.4.x support to note that I *will* add
Netfilter support to this HOWTO and if the time comes, then split that
off into a different HOWTO.
* Updated the 2.4.x Requirements section to reflect how NetFilter has
compared to IPFWADM and IPCHAINS and gave a PROs/CONs list of new features
changes to old behaviors.
* Added a TCP/IP math example to the "My MASQ connection is slow" FAQ
entry to
better explain what a user should expect performance wise.
* Updated the HOWTO to reflect that newer versions of the "pump" DHCP
now can run scripts upon bringup, lease renew, etc.
* Updated the PORTFWing of FTP to reflect that several users say they can
successfully forward FTP traffic to internal machines without the need of
special ip_masq_ftp module. I have made the HOWTO reflect that users
should try
it without the modified module first and then move to the patch if


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