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   Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
   Robert Kiesling <kiesling@mainmatter.com>
   28 Aug 2000

	* updated

   LinuxGL (GLX) QuakeWorld Client compile mini-HOWTO
   Robert B Easter <reaster@comptechnews.com>
   v1.1, 28 Aug 2000

	* updated

   ProxyARP Subnetting HOWTO
   Bob Edwards <Robert.Edwards@anu.edu.au>
   v2.0, 27 August 2000

	* converted to DocBOok SGML from HTML by: rolek<513@linvision.com>

   Nvidia OpenGL Configuration mini-HOWTO
   Robert B Easter <reaster@comptechnews.com>
   v1.0, 28 Aug 2000

   This miniHOWTO is about how to install the OpenGL drivers for
   Nvidia graphics cards on Linux. In addition to just installing the
   Nvidia drivers, this mini-HOWTO also explains how to install
   XFree86, the OpenGL Utility library (part of Mesa), the OpenGL
   Utility Toolkit (glut), the full set of OpenGL manpages, and Qt
   and its OpenGL extension so that a user can have a complete
   runtime and development environment for OpenGL applications on Linux.

	* NEW entry

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