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updates (C++Programming, CPU-Design, Diskless, DocBook-Install, PHP, PostgreSQL)

  C++ Programming HOW-TO
  Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)        alavoor@yahoo.com
  v28.0, 02 Jan 2001

    * updated

  CPU Design HOW-TO
  Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)        alavoor@yahoo.com
  v8.0, 02 Jan 2001

    * updated

  Diskless Nodes HOW-TO document for Linux
  Robert Nemkin  buci@math.klte.hu, Al Dev (Alavoor
  Vasudevan) - Maintainer of this HOWTO alavoor@yahoo.com,
  Markus Gutschke markus+etherboot@gutschke.com, Ken Yap
  ken.yap@acm.org, Gero Kuhlmann gero@gkminix.han.de
  v16.0, 02 Jan 2001

    * updated

  DocBook Install mini-HOWTO
  Robert B Easter reaster@comptechnews.com
  v1.1   2001-01-01

    DocBook-Install-mini-HOWTO is a detailed practical guide for
    novices to quickly getting DocBook installed and processing
    sgml files into html, ps, and pdf on a GNU/Linux system - other
    systems may be similar. Since setup of DocBook requires files
    from several separately distributed packages, it can be confusing
    for beginners.

    * NEW mini-HOWTO

  Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)            alavoor@yahoo.com
  v14.0, 02 Jan 2001

    * updated

  Database-SQL-RDBMS HOW-TO document for Linux (PostgreSQL
  Object Relational Database System)
  Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)        alavoor@yahoo.com
  v41.0, 02 Jan 2001

    * updated

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