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reply fast

olowo Road, 
Ikoyi, Lagos. 


My name is ego fred former principal officer of the 
late Nigeria Head of State General Sani Abacha who 
ruled Nigeria between 1993-1998. 

I shall like to seek your partnership to transfer the 
sum of Thirty Million United State 
dollars($30,000,000,00) out of Nigeria. 

Source of funds: This is part of the $4bn loot of my 
former boss (ref www.tell.org.Tell margazine of Sept 
4th 2000. 

Ref also-(www.newswatchngr.com)may 18th to 15th 2000. 
This will give you more insight into the business i am 
proposing to you. 

It is common knowledge that my boss made a lot of 
deposits through proxies which i happen to be one of 
them.A cash deposit of $30,000,000,00 was made by my 
former boss in my name in one of the security 
companies in Nigeria.This amount was deposited as 
photographic materials and this is known only to me 
and the General whose sudden death has left the 
present Government guessing where and when he stached 
the monies. Though $3bn (Three billion dollars)has 
been recovered by the Government this is still afar 
cry from the amount stached away by the former leader. 

I therefore seek a foreign partner who will work with 
me in transfering this amount into a foreign account 
where it will be safe.It is not safe for me to retain 
this amount in Nigeria at this moment thus the urgent 
need to move out the funds. 

SHARING: On the successful completion of this 
transaction you shall be compensated with 30% of this 
amount.I shall take 60% and the remaining 10% will be 
used to re-imburse any expense incured on either side. 

The success of this project is guaranteed and it is 
risk free.I am also in complete control of the 
situation here so there is nothing to worry about. 
I shall give you more details as soon as i receive 
your reply .via email;egofred123@yahoo.com 

Please treat this as highly confidential and urgent. 
yours faithfuly, 
ego fred 

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