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How much is a GNU?

Totally unscientific, but the question was bugging me so I thought
I would take a stab at an answer.

I just did a grep of the Licenses line in the 500 RPMs installed on
my development/gateway/intranet system: rpm -qai | grep Licenses

230 are GPL 
 29 are LGPL
  9 are GPL/artistic or "GPL or BSD" and other variations that include GPL

 80 are "distributable" or "freely distributable"
 53 are BSD
 27 are "MIT"
 16 are "freeware"
 12 are "public domain"
  4 are "commercial"
  4 are "W3C"
  3 are "shareware"

10 say "see some file for license"

This does not include the considerable number of applications I have
installed which were not installed from RPMs, and there is no
guarantee the RPM was filled in accurately, but it is a measure
nonetheless.  It seems that, while it is correct to say my machine is
a "mostly" GNU, it is more accurate to say I am using a
"predominantly-GNU-but-significantly-BSD/Linux with Other Stuff"

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