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Re: free vs. non-free debate


A few quick comments on this and *I'm* ready to move on. :)

> I disagree.  However, I would like to see some of these issues
> hashed out before opening the floodgates to more documentation,
> and that requires politicians.  Like you.  And me.  And Tim, and
> anyone else with an opinion on this.

This discussion could continue indefinately, but I hope it does not.

NOTE: The word *we* implies the LDP (maintainers, authors, core, list
subscribers, basically everyone reading this).  :)

My take is that *we* should not put out a blanket "We'll not accept
documentation that discusses non-free hardware or software".  Don't pick
this a part....you know what I mean.

My reasons are simple.

We have no documentation now that is blatantly for non-free anything that
only hipes that product or its customers.  This is *no* accident.

We have no idea what sort of non-free documentation will (if ever) be
submitted.  *We* always reserve the right to accept or deny documentation,
but for a legitimate reason, not "just because we said so!".  *We* are not
the gatekeepers of documentation. *We* have common sense and will continue
to use it in regards to the documentation we provide and support.

Anyone could pick a part what I wrote, twist it, find hidden messages if
typed backwards, or perhaps something else, but my point is still the

*We* provide documentation and support for the Linux Community as a whole.
We have nothing to gain other than to fill a void and make enjoying Linux
a little easier.  Most of us wanted to give back to the Linux Community
that so willingly accepted us with open arms (even if around our neck at
times making it a little more difficult to breathe.)  I've seen more
"political issues" on this/these lists that I ever cared to.  We are so
far from political its heart-warming :)  So I hope that things move on and
the documentation continues coming in.

Kind Regards,
Tim Bynum

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