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Re: free vs. non-free debate

Vern Hoxie wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Tim wrote:
> I agree completely.  Unfortunately the "Manifesto" and other
> politically inspired conditions present too many hoops for
> contributors to jump through.  These hoops such as prescribed
> copyrights can be discouraging to submiters.
> I have a specific disdain for the hoop that documents must be
> submitted in SGML.  This is a dead end.  There is no working SGML
> package for Linux.  At least for use on i486 PC's.  This also imposes
> the need for the submiter to learn the nuances of formatting while his
> personal expertise is in other endeavors.  These other endeavors are
> what he is writing about and can be very valuable for other users.

What exactly do you consider a "working SGML package"?  I write
documents daily using the DocBook DTD, and the LinuxDoc DTD (I think
that's the other one), and convert them to HTML and RTF.  All of my
editing is done in plain text, writing my own tags, using GXedit.

> > I've seen more "political issues" on this/these lists that I ever
> > cared to.  We are so far from political its heart-warming :) So I
> > hope that things move on and the documentation continues coming in.
> I hope that the 'smiley' inferred sarcasm.
> BTW Tim, where are the "free" postings to comp.os.linux.answers?  My
> last record is from Mar 25 1998.

"free" postings?  What are those?

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