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Re: Some technical suggestions

cogNiTioN wrote:

> > Most new users learn of the "man -k keyword" ....

> How about creating a search command e.g. "howdoi keyword", or "howto -k
> keyword", and acts like man -k does, except it uses the howto documents.

There's GPLd code in the FreeS/WAN distribution:

http://www.freeswan.org        (soon)

that automatically generates a permuted index from the <h[1-6]> headers
in a set of HTML documents, with a "jump to the letter" menu at the top
of the index file.

This would likely provide a good starting point for doing what you suggest,
at least for HowTos formatted as HTML.

Alas, it isn't particularly robust code and would likely need work
before it would cope well with all HTML files. I wrote it to handle
my files and assumed things like '<' and matching '>' being on same
line, no unmatched ones even in sections quoted with <pre> </pre>.

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