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Re: [mjr@iki.fi: Re: Resuming HOWTO posting]

>David Lawyer wrote:
>> With about 200 mirror sites, is there much point in posting HOWTOs to cola?
In the above context cola = c.o.l.answers.

Sandy Harris wrote:

>Certainly c.o.l.announce should get all major announcements, things like 
>of a new Handbook, a new mirror if it is particularly fast or well-located, ...
Agreed.  But, I wasn't talking about c.o.l.announce.

>> If there is and it's easy to to, then OK.  But if it will take some
>> time to write scripts to implement it, then it might be best to just
>> abolish the newsgroup.
>Quite difficult, not within the LDP's scope, and not a good idea.
We're talking about abolishing c.o.l.answers.  I just checked it and it 
seems dead (nothing recently posted) so in a sense it has almost been 

>> "Answers" is just too broad of a topic for a Linux newsgroup.
>Nonsense. There are many *.answers newsgroups and have been for years. 
>They exist
>mainly for FAQs, but any informative periodic posting should be OK.
If there is significant interest in "answers" why is not anyone posting 
there?  Isn't "misc" a better name for answers to miscellaneous Linux 
questions?  We also have a number of specific Linux newsgroups and need many 
more as the traffic on some is over 100 postings a day.  But I don't see 
much of a need for one named "answers".  So we could suggest that 
"answers" be abolished and that several new linux newsgroups be created.
I don't follow any of them, but those that do should have some ideas on 
what new ones are needed.

>Any Linux FAQ document posted either to another newsgroup or to the web should also
>appear in at least c.o.l.answers, comp.answers (all computer FAQs) and news.answers
>(all FAQs).

				David Lawyer

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