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Re: Caution: Newbie online.

>>>>> "N" == Nelson Ingersoll <ningersoll@codenet.net> writes:

    N> ...  Regarding Linux, my goal is to
    N> help get Linux to the point that butchers, bankers, and
    N> candle-stick makers can install it and use it.

Well, I have a photographer friend who is in a desperate bind if you
want to give him a hand.  In his words "I can win a Pulitzer, but I 
can't seem to get a stable Linux installation" ;)

    N> Point me at an "old LinuxDoc file" so that I can get an idea of
    N> what you are talking about.  I will certainly have to learn
    N> DocBook, but let's start there and see what trips me first.
    N> (Failure is a more attentive teacher than is success.  <smile>)

Someone in the LDP has recommended you dive in to evaluate docs for
their currency and ownership, but that seems to me a bad idea for
someone who is just starting out and is not likely to know a current
doc from an old one --- this seems a better job for the people who
receive the "when are you going to update ..." email messages (of
which we may want to entertain easy ways for the public to comment on
the website)

But, if you are hip to learning the DocBook, I _can_ point you in the
number one best direction: http://nwalsh.com/ This way, if you are up
to speed with it (and I recommend Emacs psgml-mode for hand-editing)
should the LDP decide to go with the flow, you will be ready, and if
they don't, there are many other banks and candle shops who will be
grateful for your efforts.

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