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Re: Editing/QA for LDP docs.


This is on the TODO list.  It will made available off metalab/linuxdoc.org
in the future, but for now may be viewed at:

user: howto	password: pass

> Since CVS is (almost?) operational, we should probably start thinking
> about putting it to work.  We'd mentioned something about doing QA on
> docs and whatnot, but I don't recall any serious discussion on the
> topic.  We probably need some structured guidelines for it to work
> really well, but lacking those, we could at least do copy editing. 

Yes, it is *almost* here.  I am currently using it for all updates that I
am receiving now.

> Just the basics, like spelling, grammar, punctuation and the like.  I
> know that the Linuxdoc to text tools have a couple of "glitches", and
> it looks like there are some problems with HTML output as well.  Is
> the CVS server just doing the SGML sources, or other formats as well?

How these will be handled needs to be addressed.  I'm not sure if
beginning by asking the authors/maintainers permission to do this is
appropriate or not, but if we're going to use CVS as its intended we more
or less need to agree that minor corrections can be done w/out too much
red tape.

Until I can get the "Builder" script complete I will continue to process
the updated docs semi-automatically.

The LDP CVS Repository will take all the sgml source  and create the
desired formats.  Editing of each type of doc (eg. ascii, html, tex, etc.)
should not be done, as this would defeat the purpose somewhat.

> If it's hosting the other formats, we (those of us with some free > time)
> could volunteer to take a doc in both SGML and the other
> formats and check the non-sgml versions for consistency, to make sure
> that the formatter has done a good job.  Of course, if the only thing
> that the CVS server is holding onto is the SGML sources, we can't do
> that.  Comments?

There are documents now that are not properly formatted (at least in the
output) that could use some prying eyes.  Please feel free to let myself
or the author/maintainer know which ones they are..

The whole issue of who can and cannot checkout and modify documents does
need to be addressed.  I'm working with Sergiusz Pawlowicz now on a
FAQ/Manual/HOWTO for using the LDP CVS Repostitory now, but these issues
of editing need to be addressed now before the document can be completed.

I will tell you this.....if anyone will have the option of checking out
and correcting the document(s) in question they will *not* have the
capability to have them processed and published.

Whether or not the author/maintainer and/or HOWTO Coordinator should
reserve this right needs to be addressed and agreed upon.  The sooner the


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