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Re: bzip2 or not to bzip2

Tim wrote:
> So my question to you (yes all of you) is what would you like to see?
> tar
> tar.zip
> tar.gz
> tar.bz2

My vote goes to tar.gz.  Gzip is readily available on all Linuxes,
including older ones - unfortunately not on all Unices, compress
still rules there - older tar's supports only the "z" option for
gunzip (newer support "I" for bunzip2).  Also WinZip (yes, for
MS-Windows) supports tar.gz while it does not support bzip2 format
- people needn't read the docs on the same machine they have
problems with.

IMHO the few less KB's really isn't worth the confussion of a
users trying to figure out how they can unzip the docs,
downloading sources of bzip2 and compiling them for their
architecture - this isn't reallistic for newcommers anyway.

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