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Re: Using SGML

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Vern Hoxie wrote:

> Now that I have sgml-tools.1.15 running, how do I get it to work?
> The problem, an exerpt from my document reads:
>  1 ...
>  2 processing the I/O data stream as a Linux machine.
>  3 
>  4 These tc* commands are:
>  5     int tcgetattr( int filedes, struct termios *termios_p );
>  6     int tcsetattr( int filedes, int optional_actions,
>  7                    const struct termios *termios_p );
>  8 instead of:
>  9     int ioctl( int filedes, int command, const struct &termios );
> 10
> 11 where command is TCGETS or one of TCSETS, TCSETSW or TCSETSF.
> 12 
> 13 The TCSETS command is comparable to the TCSANOW
> 14 ...

linuxdoc is not realy cable of handling complex matters like this one. For
that you need DocBook and therefor sgmltools v2. or a similar solutions.

Also note that sgml is NOT about setting fonts but specyfing the
conceptual side of the document. (I feel this point is overlooked by too
many people.) So you specify something is a <Function> of a <Parameter> or


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