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Linux Documentation E-Commerce Store Proposal From Talinda Incorporated

 To whom it may concern,

                 I would like to discuss with you the idea of creating
 E-Commerce store for selling hardcopies of the documentation listed in
 the Linux Documentation Project web site.  We are a Publishing and
 E-Commerce company that creates end to end E-Commerce solutions for
 software companies.  We are currently focusing on the rapidly growing
 Linux Community.  We launched our latest E-Commerce store for Corel
 Corporation last month.  We have manufacturing capabilities in both the

 United States and  Europe to support the two largest segments of the
 Linux Community.

                 My vision of the Linux Documentation Project E-Commerce

 store is to provide hardcopies of  the downloadable documents to the
 Linux Community at a reasonable price while paying the authors of the
 respected documents a royalty per unit shipped for their contributions.

 From our experience we recognize that there is still great demand for
 printed manuals in the software industry in general.  This would give
 the opportunity to support the Linux Communities effort to gain
 popularity and recognition.

                 Because we are a printing company with E-Commerce and
 fulfillment capabilities in-house, we are capable of creating a
 comprehensive solution.  We would like input on the scope of Linux
 Communities needs regarding this project.  Please let us know with whom

 we should speak to create a solution that best serves the communities

 Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


 Spencer Smith                                        Tom Haley
Executive Account Manager                    Vice President of Sales


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