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Re: "New" doc type for the LDP, FAQ?

Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 01, 2000 at 11:41:34PM -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > As of right now, there seems to be only 1 FAQ of the ldp site, the linux
> There're more than 1 !

Whoops, my mistake.  It LOOKS like there's only 1, because of the way
that things are phrased on the docs.html page.  (BTW, any chance of
getting a link to "documents" that takes you to docs.html from the main
page?)  I think that we should have the FAQ section be more like the
HOWTO section, with a little explanation of FAQ (not that the one there
is bad) and the like.  I can write a small blurb to go there, try to
send something to the list later.  The reason that it's confusing is
because there are 3 things listed, 1 as HTML, the second as Linux FAQ
(HTML) and the third as other formats.  This made me think that the
first link was for maybe the gz HTML format, the second for online HTML
format, and the third for others like PS or LinuxDoc source.
How is the HOWTO-INDEX maintained?  Is this just a list that Tim has
made and updated?  Will this be replaced by the "magic scripts" that
will be producing documents for the LDP for source?

Ideally, the FAQ section should be like the HOWTO section, and should be
written up in SGML (linuxdoc for now).  Once the authors guide is
finished, we should put some more solid structure in place, but for now
just having a REAL FAQ section should suffice.

> > FAQ.  I just read the software RAID howto (which doesn't appear
> > maintained, anybody know?), and it's not a howto at all.  The entire
> > document looks like a series of FAQs.  This got me thinking that perhaps
> > the LDP site could start maintaining some of the FAQs for
> > comp.os.linux.*, and/or some for linux.*, as well as other "HOWTOs" that
> > are really FAQs.  Thoughts?
> We should contact comp.os.linux.* and linux.* FAQ authors.
> Would you like to do it?

Sure, I will try to talk to them, I expect that they maintain their FAQs
in HTML or text format, so we may have to live with that for now.  If I
convince them, I'll try to write two proposals for the FAQ section of
the Docs page, unless somebody takes offense, one with a links direct to
the FAQs (since there aren't many) and one with just a link to a
listing, as in the HOWTO-index.  Sorry for rambling, I just think I
found a place where I can fill in here.  

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