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No updates of Mini-HOWTO's


I have updated the Swap-Space mini HOWTO and sent it at 
linux-howto@sunsite.unc.edu on 4th Dec 1999. I was not aware that the 
Mini-HOWTO's are required to be submitted in SGML format. I recieved a reply 
about the same requirement from the HOWTO coordinator. So I again sent the 
HOWTO in SGML format on 6th Dec 1999 and an update on 9th Dec 1999.

However, the document has not, as of yet, appeared on the LDP site.
I think that the coordinator has accepted the HOWTO because I had recieved a 
mail telling me that I was now maintaining the mini HOWTO.

Can someone point out what may be wrong ? I have also not recieved any reply 
from the coordinator when I asked him about the same.

Rahul U. Joshi
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