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Re: HOWTO vs mini-HOWTO [was: Linux Doc Infrastructure]

"der.hans" wrote:
> Many of the minis need to be incorporated into the regular howtos or
> merged together with like topics anyway. For instance, I plan on making a
> "removable drive HOWTO" as soon as I get my scsi card working with my
> laptop. This will include stuff from all the Zip and Jaz (mini-)HOWTO,
> which I believe haven't been updated in eons. The same info applies for
> Zip, Jaz, Orb, so it should all be in one place having to do with the
> overall topic.
  The HOWTO structure certainly needs an overhaul.
  I'd suggest that it would be better if each topic be kept separate
  (eg Jaz topic, Zip topic etc along with a parent topic on "Removable
  and that these all be linked together into a "virtual" document
(rather than
  one physically large one).

  The benefits include ease of maintenace. Eg Zip brought out a Zip250.
It would
  be better to just edit a small Zip document (that several other
virtual docs may
  refer to) than to edit a monolithic doc - (which would accumulate many
  To belabour my point further :-)
  Suppose  a company TopHat makes a distribution and wants to add
  notes about removable drive issues under their distribution. They
  just add a section (like a node in texInfo) and still reference your
   great, up-to-date, docs without having to either a) rewrite it or b)
   referring a user a set of misc. other files to look at.



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