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Re: fyi: site updates

On Jan 13, 11:52am, Jorge Godoy wrote:
> Subject: Re: fyi: site updates
> There are missing contributions on this page. In the translation
> efforts section, where's Brazilian Portuguese???? We have _lots_ of
> documentation translated and the were listed on the prior LDP
> site... Our address is http://ldp-br.conectiva.com.br.
> The responsible are: Jorge Godoy <godoy@conectiva.com.br>
>                      Marcia Gawlak <marcia@conectiva.com.br>
>                      Ricardo Guimar„es <ricardo@conectiva.com.br>

The table we have there now was derived from a script I
run which mirrors from various sites onto the metalab site,
so that those documents in turn can be re-distributed. That
was all the information I had to use. I apologize if you or
anyone else was left off.

Again, if any group or individual needs to be added, pls
contact me and I will make the correction.

> For a "Volunteers List", the "Volunteers" themselves are very
> insignificant... It would be better a general page without names, just
> greeting volunteers and explaining what to do to be a volunteer. And
> there should be a page listing volunteers name's and their
> contribution to the LDP Project.

That's a very good suggestion. Perhaps someone would like
to step forward and produce this page so that we can include
it on the LDP?

I hear a lot of people complain on this list; and complain
about the LDP in general. Instead of this endless stream
of complaining, why not do something positive and assist in
either the site design, the content, etc.? Let's make this
damn thing *better*.


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