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Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> > I'm going to read this HOWTO on the trip to work (I've got an hour on
> > the bus), and contact the author sometime today and see if I can get him
> > to submit it to the LDP.
> He posted it to lpd-submit, but we underlined that he was submitting a
> document with the same title as another one, although it talks about a
> different software package.

Drat.  Double drat.  

> He understood the problem, and agreed to look for a good solution to
> the issue. I think just choosing two different names and keeping both
> documents may be the path of least resistance, waiting for a more
> organic solution.

O.K., then let's ask him to change the name and get this thing on the
LDP site and mirrors.

> > I'd really like to be able to post this as a replacement for the old
> > software RAID howto
> Please don't. You only hear on usenet from people who has problems
> because they are following the bleeding edge, I expect a lot of people
> to be happy with the older software and the older information; the
> fact that you don't hear from them doesn't mean they don't exists.

Not quite.  I hear from people who are using what they consider to be
"stable" Gnu/Linux systems, namely running RedHat 6.0 and/or RedHat
6.1.  RedHat's kernel now ships with RAID patches and RAIDtools-0.90. 
RedHat has the most users of any Gnu/Linux distribution at this point,
and thus gets the most questions.  What I really meant was that we
should move the HOWTO's that aren't being maintained, and focus on older
software to an "unmaintained" section or something, so that they are
still available, but when people look at them they realize that it's not
necessarily current.  This would also help people who want to help out
with the LDP by taking up maintence of HOWTOs that aren't being

> Here's what Jakob wrote after posting to ldp-submit:
> > A likely thing to happen would be that I put in a reference to his
> > HOWTO in mine, perhaps re-named my HOWTO to emphasize that it's for
> > the experimental RAID-patches only, and then re-submit it to you
> > guys.

At this point, I just want to make the documentation more easily
available, and I don't really care how it gets done.

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