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Re: Install from Floppy

I went threw that page and didnt find anything about installing with ONLY floppy.
I did find that you can install with only CD-ROM or how to make boot flopopys.  I 
did not find how to do an install using only floppy with that URL that you 
If you have any more links or any other information that would be helpfull please 
send it.  Thanks for the info and the help der.hans


> On Sat, 22 Jan 2000 luser@texas.net wrote:
> > I dont know if that many people will support install frorm floppy, but
> > there are some people that are installing Linux into old computers
> > with NO CD-Rom.  I was one of those people.  I would like to write my
> > first HOWTO, but I dont know whare to start.  What would be my first
> > move to write this HOWTO as well as send it in.  I have found a way to
> > install Linux from floppy and would like to contribute.
> moin, moin,
> read the HOWTO HOWTO.
> In this particular case you might want to browse around some of the laptop
> stuff as well since this is a recurring problem for used laptops as well
> as some new ones.
> There's the Laptop HOWTO and also the utexas page,
> http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/kharker/linux-laptop/. That page is pointed
> out somewhere in the Laptop HOWTO as well.
> ciao,
> der.hans
> > Thanks!
> > mcc
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