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reader comments & reviews

[I'm sending this to the OSWG mailing list as well]

Terry Dawson wrote:

> I personally can't see any good reason why not. I'd like 5c for every
> time I'd been asked the same question again and again and again and
> again. If people wishing to contribute feedback had the opportunity to
> search to see if that feedback had already been given (with a response)
> then it might save everyone a lot of effort.

I've added a "Reader Comments and Reviews" section to each listing in
the OSWG's Open Source Documentation Index (
http://www.oswg.org:8080/oswg/query/osdi ).  

While this might not be exactly what you're looking for, I think that
it's a useful way for readers to give feedback and/or ask questions. 
You can see an example of what I'm talking about here:


Note, of course, that the comments that exist on that page are just me
testing to make sure the system works :)  The index is also not yet
complete in terms of documents that have been indexed...I've got all the
OSWG documents, plus the LDP HOWTOs and some of the mini-HOWTOs already
indexed.  Some documents from other sources have also been added.  If
anyone would like to help with adding documents to the index, please
send a note -- I'll be setting up a mailing list for volunteer indexers
in the near future, and volunteers are always welcome.

I would like as much feedback on the index as possible. The OSDI is part
of the new OSWG site.

- deb

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