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Re: bug tracking system (was: mini-HOWTO)

David Lawyer wrote:

> I think it would save us a lot of work to get them to turn their docs
> into LDP docs and help them do this if required.  Suppose they submit
> a new update every month in their own format which we need to munge.
> That's a lot of work for us.  To encourage them to put it into sgml,
> we need to make this as simple as possible.  We might put their doc
> (or at least the first page of it) into say linuxdoc and then ask them
> to continue with it.

You're presupposing there are still vast numbers of people out there
that care enough about the LDP to bother. People will write documents in
formats that the LDP doesn't support, just as they always have, except
now instead of sitting out on isolated web servers on the net there is a
good chance they'll go to the OSWG.

You don't need to ask the permission of a person who has generated a
document with a free license for permission to include it in the LDP,
they've already granted it. If you don't have people loyal to the LDP
willing to take ownership of these documents and translate them into LDP
compatible formats then there is a chance they'll be lost to it.

I've seen a proposal to inherit documents en-masse from OSWG, this will
inevitably lead to a similar solution in any case.

> The feedback you propose will likely contain a lot of noise and be
> tedious to search.  For example, people often write me about something

How is this any less true for any other feedback mechanism? The point
here is that sometimes it takes an author a week, a month, three months
or six months to produce a new version of a document. In that time there
is a good chance they may be asked the same question over and over. If
there is somewhere where the question is visible then there is some
chance that some of those questions could be avoided. If the questions
are invisible then there is no chance of that happening.


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