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RE: please reply!

Sharing files and printers between Linux/Samba and W2K machines works just as smoothly as with Linux/Samba and NT 4. Upgrading a Win95 or NT 4 machine to W2K is transparent to Linux/Samba (or Win95/NT 4).
If your network is managed by Windows 2000 Servers, as long as they are operating in a "mixed mode", Linux/Samba works just the way it works with NT 4 domains (because a W2K Domain in mixed mode looks like a NT 4 Domain to NT 4 and Linux/Samba machines). Even when a W2K domain is switched to Native Mode a Win95-, NT 4, and Linux/Samba client can share files and printers.
My guess is that "no windows 2000 support" means "No Active Directory Support" and refers to a situation where a forest (with trees and domains) is managed by W2K Servers running in Native Mode. The concept of Native Mode refers to the changes in authentication methods (to Kerberos tickets with transitive trusts). That, along with Active Directory, is not yet supported by Samba.
As far as I know there is only one system which supports the "windows to linux relationship". It's called "samba" (www.samba.org) but they have no windows 2000 support, even in their last release. So I want to ask you if their is any possiblity to have an network system between Linux and windows 2000 (a server (linux) workstation (win2000) relationship with file-,printer share and proxy etc.) Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your support!
Simon. mailsimon@gmx.net