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Re: Proposed announcement etc, 2.nd revision

jdd wrote:
> On lun, 07 fév 2000, Stein Gjoen à écrit
> >Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> >
> >Secondly the mini-HOWTOs reside at /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/
> >and you also have the /usr/doc/HOWTO/unmaintained
> >and all these splits causes extra complexity while
> >making use of grep harder. Why not put it all under
> >       /usr/doc/HOWTO/ ?
> don't. graficals file browsers don't like at all hudge number of files in
> the same folder. kfm, for example, get confused in my suse 6.3
> ../HOWTO/html folder where are sgml2html filtered howto's (this x the
> number of files by 10)

Strange, Netscape doesn't seem to have this problem and I
cannot see why it should be a problem at for graphical
browsers in general.

However you do point out something we are missing:
an index.html file in the /usr/doc/HOWTO/ directory
to give a more friendly list of files. I see we
already have a HOWTO-INDEX available in HTML format.
Unfortunately this is rendered into 6 separate files
so what about making a brief index, and then point
to the HOWTO-INDEX for a more comprehensible list?

On this Redhat 5.0 machine the structure is
/usr/doc/HOWTO				- text files
/usr/doc/HOWTO/other-formats/html	- HTML files
The index file will have to be tailored to the
structure in order to make it usable.


   Stein Gjoen

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