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Re: LDP integration with LWN and Freshmeat

jdd wrote:
> On mar, 08 fév 2000, Stein Gjoen à écrit
> >Time for more good news:
> >
> >Increasing the LDP profile has been on the minds of many in this
> >list and I started making some contacts.
> >
> do you know icewalker? here is a (little) example of they daily letter
>    Here is the list of the annoucements made on http://www.IceWalkers.com in the last 24 hours:


That one was new to me. It loks rather similar to Freshmeat
which makes me wonder if hot Linux news now is an industry.
For maximum coverage we should probably register with as
many as possible.

Freshmeat has the advantage of an open weblog for each entry
while Icewalk  has a rating system.

   Stein Gjoen

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