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On mar, 08 fév 2000, Guylhem Aznar à écrit

>Taketoshi will you maintain the sgmltools?

If the sgml tolls are to be maintained anew, I see only one thing who
lacks : the ability to use tables.

tables are easy to use in any word processor (ie lyx) but are not
translated by sgml2html. I don't know is this means modifying the linux
DTD but anyway it is woth the work, It should be damage to go to docbook
only for tables. And tables are mandatory for most manuals.

In fact, what are the sgml tools we need? I use lyx/sgml mostly to print
latex hardcopies and produce hashed html pages. are there any other use :
is the sgml2man necessary? (we have sgml2info)

If not any kind of lyx/tth or lyx/latex2html whould be nice.

I think emacs users can generate anything from emacs and shouldn't have
problem with this.

I'm not able to maintain any sgmltool, but I can assist on setting the
specifications and testing the product if necessary.

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