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Re: restructuring

On Sun, Feb 13, 2000 at 12:40:04PM -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> What will go into the LDP/DocBook directory?  Will that be our home for
> documents originally authored in DocBook?  What are the advantages of
> converting LinuxDoc documents to DocBook via a script?  All of the output
> formats that we use can be created from either DocBook or LinuxDoc source,
> correct?

I think that DocBook SGML documents would go in there. 
Documents originally authored in DocBook will be in that directory,
together with douments converted from LinuxDoc.
The only advantage I see for a script conversion is speed. And,
besides, the author of the LinuxDoc version can take a look at the
DocBook version and start maintaining and improving it's document
right in DocBook and then conversion will be no more needed. 
All output generated is not all we can use with DocBook. DocBook has
much more tags than LinuxDoc and when translating from a limited code
to another not so limited all we can do is one-by-one
conversion. There's no context conversion and there's plenty room for
improvements in the output. But, this same output is a very good

> If they're equivalent, perhaps we should allow DocBook source for
> any documents, and put only native DocBook documents in
> LDP/HOWTO/sgml-source/DocBook and cousins.  The
> LDP/HOWTO/sgml-source/LinuxDoc directory should contain native LinuxDoc
> sources.  I just thought of another reason to have the LinuxDoc to DocBook
> translations. Having those translations will make it easier for authors
> (when the time comes) to start writing in DocBook instead.  I would like to
> see the LDP/DocBook directory go away, and become part of the
> document type

Me too. I would like to see just one directory but, with DocBook,
author's may use graphics and pictures. I think it's better having a
separate directory for DocBook documents and placing each document in
it's own directory. See that a directory for each document is a
generalization for documents with it's own pictures. For proper
formatting, authors should use relative paths and keep pictures and
graphics below this directory.

> directories.  Perhaps the best way to keep things clean would be to create
> an sgml-source directory with three subfolders.  The first, DocBook, to hold
> native DocBook directories.  The second, LinuxDoc, to hold native LinuxDoc
> documents.  The third, LinuxDoc2DocBook, to hold DocBook documents that were
> translated from LinuxDoc.  I think that this is a better long-term strategy,
> so that we don't have to change things again very soon.  I'm going to go
> read the FSSTND and FHS today, to see where things should go.  Once
> we have

Why creating this third directory? Documents, even when converted to
DocBook, have only two types: DocBook or LinuxDoc. I think that
maintaining this third directory is adding more management problems
than needed. 

> things hammered out into a final format, we should start to contact the
> maintainers of the many distributions to ask them to move things around to
> work with our new layout.  I'll volunteer to do this, but I'm getting ahead
> of myself here.  Let's have some comments, either agree or disagree, I'd
> just like to see more than three or four opinions.  Thanks,

As Guylhem said and explained we'll have to contact them. The
mirroring size is increasing. Our mirror has something near 135MB (was
that size on Friday). 

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