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Proposed announcement etc, 4.th revision

This I hope is the final version and I hope you will bear with me
for this thread.

Updates have been mainly cosmetic, a sign we are close enough
to submit.

The announcement will be sent out as soon as I get green light
here. I feel the web site has the right functional layout to
welcome the masses who no doubt will soon decend upon it.

Is there any news on hit counters? Not necessarily displayed
on the front page but as statistics elsewhere perhaps?

The intro.ldp should also be ready for inclusion in man pages
collections, any comments from the present manpage maintainer?

The sample man page stub for the Multi Disk HOWTO would
probably belong to the package with HOWTOs. Also I hope we
can recruit a script programmer to do the post install
fixup of the correct paths.

Good news: I am now in contact with Freshmeat and people
unsing the services there and will return with more
information later.

When the announcement is out the LWN article will be submitted.
An updated LWN entry will be coming soon.

Rather than posting the raw and messy roff page I
will just give the links:

intro.ldp   http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/intro.ldp
intro.txt   http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/intro.txt (with formatting!)
disk.ldp    http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/disk.ldp
disk.txt    http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/disk.txt  (with formatting!)

If someone wished to put this on the LDP site it might be a
good idea to process with man2html to retain the formatting.
Unfortunately it is missing from my machine, otherwise I would
have done it already.


After some restructuring of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP)
we feel ready to serve the Linux community from the new home:

The LDP has collected and produced numerous documents such as
 - guides
 - HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs
 - FAQs
 - man pages
and more.

All in all the LDP endeavors to produce and provide a one-stop source of
information relating to the various aspects of Linux. There is now
a search engine on the front page to help you quickly and efficiently
locate the documents you need. If you have a question, chances are you
will find what you need here.

These documents are produced for you, the end users. That means if there
is anything in the documents you find unclear, ambiguous or incorrect
you should not hesitate in contacting the author. While the workload of
the authors in general may be high and they cannot be expected to answer
specific problems you may have on your machine, generally authors are
only happy to receive feedback on the documents.

Likewise, if you feel you have something to contribute or you wish to try
your hands as an LDP author you are welcome to contact the LDP coordinator
with your inputs (see the HOWTO-HOWTO). Remember that new documents are
produced all the time so it is important to contact the LDP before you
start writing in order to eliminate the possibility of duplicate work.

Remember that you do not have to be on-line to read the HOWTOs, in many
cases these documents are installed with your Linux distribution and can
be found at
        file:///usr/doc/HOWTO   /usr/doc/HOWTO/


LDP Introduction(ldp)			LDP Introduction(ldp)

       LDP - Intro to the Linux Documentation Project, with help,
       guides and documents

       The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) provides  a  variety
       of  free	documentation	resources including guides, FAQs,
       HOWTOs, and man-pages to the Linux community.

       The various documents in the LDP archives  are  maintained
       by  individual authors, and are listed in the beginning of
       each HOWTO. If you have any questions or inputs to a docu-
       ment we encourage you to contact the authors directly.

       The  LDP	now has its own dedicated web site as do many of
       the various translations projects which	are  linked  from
       the main LDP web site at http://www.LinuxDoc.org/

       LDP  has	a  number  of	mailing	lists, mostly of use for

	      Announcements from the LDP project

	      General discussion on the LDP project

       To join these lists send a mail with a body of "subscribe"
       to  <ldp-announce-request@lists.LinuxDoc.org> or <ldp-dis-
       cuss-request@lists.LinuxDoc.org> respectively. These mail-
       ing lists are also archived at the LinuxDoc site.

       Most  distributions  include the HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs in
       the installation
       /usr/doc/	     (most documentation is here)
       /usr/doc/HOWTO/	(HOWTO files)
       /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/  (mini-HOWTO files)

       man(1), info(1)

       info pages as read with emacs(1) or info(1).

LDP			February 6, 2000			1


Multi Disk HOWTO(ldp)			Multi Disk HOWTO(ldp)

       Multi  Disk  HOWTO - Multi disk design, partitioning, for-
       matting, tuning and maintenance

       This document describes how best to use multiple disks and
       partitions  for a Linux system. Although some of this text
       is Linux specific the general approach outlined	here  can
       be  applied to many other multi tasking operating systems.

       The Multi Disk HOWTO is located at /usr/doc/HOWTO/

       Most distributions include the HOWTOs and  mini-HOWTOs  in
       the installation
       /dev/		(device files)
       /etc/fstab	(mount list)
       /etc/mdtab	(old style RAID table)
       /etc/raidtab	(new style RAID table)

       Tips, Partition, Partition Rescue, Large-Disk, LILO, Soft-
       ware-RAID, Upgrade

       fdisk(8),   cfdisk(8),	sfdisk(8),   fips(8),	mkfs(8),
       mke2fs(8),  tune2fs(8), dumpe2fs(8), fsck(8), fsck.ext2(8)
       or   e2fsck(8),	mount(8),   umount(8),	df(1),   du(1),

LDP			February 6, 2000			1


   Stein Gjoen

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