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Re: website suggestion

On Feb 21,  2:34pm, Alexander L. Belikoff wrote:
> Subject: website suggestion
> OK, so I'm back with my HOWTO after a very long delay and I see, there
> is quite a volume of discussions WRT the website and general LDP
> structure. :-)
> I've visited the website and it looks wonderful, but I found it a bit
> confusing. IMHO the "authors" section could be more task-oriented,
> like:
> * Authors
>   - License (info on the recommended license(s))
>   - Format (info on docs' format and ptrs to tools)
>   - Style (notes on style)
>   - Submission (a *page* on submission with info on submission format
>     etc, rather than a simple mailto:// URI)
> I think such a structure would be more logical.

I agree. We're still in the process of putting the content and
packages together so that we can then provide such a structure,
as you have illustrated.


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