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Re: Document updates

On Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 01:46:01PM -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> I have just completed updates to the SGML source for all of the HOWTOs on
> the CVS server.  The updates there are in-sync with the ones that are on
> metalab, and I'll try to keep up with LDP-submit for all of the HOWTOs.
> I'll haven't gotten a chance to look at the mini-HOWTOs or the Guides or
> FAQs, but I'll look at those later.  I did notice that there were two copies
> of the Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTOs, I removed one of them from my
> files, and uploaded the other to CVS.  I'm sure I've forgotten something
> important, but my officemates have found the tempo adjust plugin for WinAMP,
> so I can't hear myself think.  Later,

Thanks a lot for your work.

Are you now taking care of submitting each HOWTO posted to ldp-submit to
the CVS then to metalab?

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