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Linux Tech Help.

Hello Everyone,

I am trynig to find some Linux Tech Help can anyone
point me in the right direction.

I am using a Dual boot system (Win95 being what I'm
trying to get rid of) And Macmillan Mandrake Linux

I'm running a TX Pro Motherboard with an AMD K5 166Mhz
and 64Mb of RAM. Linux for the most part is running
fine, the problem that I am having is that my AD1815
sound card is recognized but when I try and play any
kind of sound I get the Error message that the Device
is Busy. All of the Settings for My sound card are
correct and I have even tryed entering them in by
hand. from the Research that I have done I belive that
the driver for my sound card and the driver for the
Tape Backup are both using the same settings (Being
the IRQ, I think.) Can Anyone give me some help in
fixing this problem?  I do not have a tape back-up so
there is no problem there. I think that I have become
Winstupid. LOL

Any help would be much appreciated, even just a
mailing list that could help me out.

Thank you,

A New Linux User that has ALWAYS hated Windoz.

Bananaman  AKA Tommy Demeny.

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