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[mini] HOWTO on RH Linux setup for ISP

Hi there!

I wrote a HOWTO (judging by its size and not very general nature, its a
mini) in sgml. Title is '"Pocket" ISP based on RedHat Linux'. 

It covers the setup of [RedHat, but not necessarily] Linux for virtual
hosting (DNS, www, mail), ftp, POP3 and dialin (via attached modems), like
an ISP in one box. It is now 85% ready (no, I am not being too optimistic
;-) ).

The doc was written for internal use first, then I started to think it can
be useful for other people too. Most of the info in it is accumulated from
other internet sources (references are in progress too) and some comes
from my tests. It does describe the setup of some particular system though
(that means all recommendations are tested).

The draft (being worked on even now) is on http://www.chuvakin.org/ispdoc
In a few days (ok, maybe a week) I will finalize it and can submit if you
consider it useful for the community.

         Anton A. Chuvakin
>> Where is a will there is a way. <<
          licq: 29034084

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