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Backup HOWTO


I have now finnished v0.1 of my Backup HOWTO, hopefully in sgml...

I have made the sgml myself in a text editor so I am not entirely sure it 
is sgml...

I can't figure out how to test it / convert it... I really need a sgml-HOWTO!

Well some comment from me, before anyone flames me...

1) I have NOT yet written the "HOWTO" part, only a small "Why-TO" part...
2) I have lined out, what I will write about (alot more i imminent!) with 
my own comments to myself :-)
3) DO NOT PUT IT ANYWHERE!!! If anyone would tell me how to check/convert 
my sgml or actually do check/convert it, please mail it to me (in PDF 
4) Anything else that might count as a comment should be placed here :-)

The document is placed at: mazzachre.nowhere.dk

- Mazzachre

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