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Re: sgml tools help

Tom Fawcett <fawcett@mindspring.com> writes:

> Are there instructions anywhere that explain, start to finish, how to
> install a set of working tools for converting DocBook documents into
> (tex,pdf,html,txt)?
> The old sgmltools package provided backends like sgml2ps.  The current
> sgmltools RPM includes various binaries (eg jade, jadetex, nsgmls,
> sgmltools), but no mention in the documentation of backends to produce
> final output.  
> The OSWG provides a pointer to a working set of tools
> (ftp://sourceware.cygnus.com:/pub/docbook-tools/).  These include db2XXX
> backends for DocBook, eg db2ps, from the stylesheets package.  But there's
> no txt backend, and from the package listing that Greg Ferguson's posted I
> assume these aren't the tools the LDP uses anyway.
> I've looked at two or three tutorial introductions to DocBook.  They seem
> to mention the software without specifying how to get it set up and working
> such that LDP authors can convert documents into the LDP standard formats.
> Thanks for any help.

If you have Jade installed, I have a Makefile with such backends. 
It can generate every output supported in jade/openjade.

You'll have to change some paths only.

Please, drop me a message if it's of your interest.

Godoy.	<godoy@conectiva.com.br> 

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