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The LInux Kernel Guide

    I allocating some time this month and the next to work on a HOWTO, but
from mid-my I would have the time and will to take over the review/remaking
of the Kernel Guide.
    An overly long description of me,myself and I is on my webpage (see

   Is anyone up to that yet ? Who shall I talk with about it ? I am a little
confused as of how LDP procedures work, so..... feedback, please!


[*] Muad'Dib of Caladan - flucifredi@acm.org - lucifred@cs.bc.edu
lucifredi@infomedia.it - lucifred@bu.edu - HTTP://www.cs.bc.edu/~lucifred
-- "It is proper American etiquette to hang up on people" - Tom

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