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Re: DOCTYPE tags

> Not a problem. We're using DocBook 3.1 but the linuxdoc->docbook
> translator is setting the public indentifier to 3.0. We can handle
> either.

Ok, great. Now that i'm at it, a last question about docbook, perhaps
somebody here can help. After reading DocBook - The Definite Guide
(published by O'Reilly) I still haven't found out how to do the

using sgmltools-2 I format SGML to HTML. It creates a new directory and
puts all the html files there. Very great, but I don't like the
filenames it creates. I'd like to be able to choose my own filenames but
I don't know how to do this. A while ago I read something about putting
the <?dbhtml filename="filename.html"> tag after a <chapter> or some
similar declaration. Sure that works, but to me that looks more like XML
than SGML. I'd rather use a 'real' SGML tag (then again, for all I know
XLM is deviated from SGML. I'm not really into those things, find them
rather confusing).

So should I use <?dbhtml> (which works great as far as I can tell)  or not?

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Gerard Beekmans

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