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E-commerce on Linux HOWTO Idea

Hi there!

Well, my post is a trifle pointless, but anyway. ;-)

I am *thinking* about writing the Small Site E-commerce on Linux HOWTO.
Now, I am not an expert in e-commerce, we are just starting to implement
it here. The reason for writing it is that after writing Linux ISP HOWTO I
kinda understood just how much fun it is ;-)

Actually, if somebody else will write it, I can later contribute content
to it. Initially I plan to describe Apache+SSL setup(a) shopping cart
(MiniVend) setup(b) security(c) .

P.S. Please reply to me too as I am not subscribed to the list.
         Anton A. Chuvakin
>> Where is a will there is a way. <<
          licq: 29034084

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