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Re: CD edition


We can not expect people to help if we consistenly make them work with
information that they do not normally use. This will especially be a
problem for the VA Linux people as most of them are Linux entusiasts not

We should have a simple form that people can put in the document, the
section and subsection (if applicable) and submit standard text for us to

Even MCP probably doesn't have many people that can or will use diff of
any sort... although they might.

Joshua Drake

On 24 Apr 2000, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

<CITE>>>>>> "d" == dave  <dave@lafn.org> writes:
<CITE>    d> corrections need to be presented in such a way that the
<CITE>    d> maintainer has a chance to either 1.  accept; 2. reject;
<CITE>    d> 3. change it differently than suggested.
<CITE>This is probably best done the way we do software.  Ideally, the
<CITE>changes would be presented as a diff (wdiff?) against the docbook
<CITE>sources, although a diff against the ASCII sources would be sufficient.
<CITE>If they can all agree to use context diffs and the patch utility,
<CITE>approving all changes (or even after hacking a few) would be so
<CITE>easy it just might get done ;)
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