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Re: CD edition

Frankly, on a demo cd, I don't see why we should use other than pure html
version. A w3m compatible one, as they all must be.

eventually we can add a handfull of txt/pdf/sgml ones, only as example
purpose, but we can assume that anybody dealing with ldp can read html,
isn't it?

I don't really understand why the ldp bores itself with exotic formats
anyway (sgml source and html should suffice), but If sombody like dealing
with hudge pdf files, and ldp wants to provide it, why not, but as soon as
this gives problems we should let this out and focus on writing HOWTO's.

windows world reads very well html (Internet explorer is not so bad it
can't read our html!)

w3m is a VERY good text browser, lynx is fairly nice and in fact any test
processor can read our html. Don't forget we have nearly no image nor
exotic formatting in the HOWTO, and this is nice.

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