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CD, search engine


I am sorry but I will be very busy the next month and I won't be able to follow 
each thread; feel free to Cc: to my private email guylhem @metalab.unc.edu or 

After my exams I will be free until september ; I will be in Chapell Hill from 
June to August but I will take my laptop :-)

I'm browsing through the CD mails and I think Garry idea is good : what about 
using our pdf documents with a pdf display engine and search engine?

We could also provide this as a .deb/.rpm package to install in /opt/ldp for 
people who would like an easy way to browse and read the HOWTOs.

If there's no GPLed pdf display engine/search engine, we can still use html, 
but I think we should try pdf, it is easy to print and read, on many OSes.
(anyway, IIRC, ghostview *does* support pdf)

PS: by wednesday the Linux Expo Montreal photos will be all scanned and 
available online.

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