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Another new mini-HOWTO

I'd like to write a mini-HOWTO on huge disks,
greater than 8 Gb, having recently had the experience of
installing a 27 Gb disk, and then finding that Linux
wouldn't boot. There's no easily accessible information in
the LDP, and I had to use 30 years of experience and a lot
of effort to get things going.

It turns out that if you know about the latest LILO and what
happens during booting, you can solve the problem. However,
advice from current HOWTOs is either to use LOADLIN, write
LILO to the MBR, or locate the linux partition below the
1024 cylinder limit. None of these is satisfying for the new
big disks, and with disks inclined to increase beyond 137
Gb, some sort of forward looking HOWTO is indicated.


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