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Re: todo (was: RE: Questions about future)

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
[various chopping and snipping]
> From: Greg Ferguson [mailto:gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com]
> > We still need to:
> >
> > * cleanup/provide a decent "authors" area.
> >
> >      This includes the updated HOWTO(s) for authoring guidelines and
> >      the submittal process. More info on DocBook (Jorge's HOWTO,
> >      in released form). Links to tools/packages with instructions
> >      on usage (I think Mark is going to work on including this in
> >      the HOWTO HOWTO).
> This is a HUGE job.  IMHO, we need to expand upon the documents that we have
> already, namely Mark's HOWTO-HOWTO, Jorge's Using-DocBook-HOWTO, and the
> mini-HOWTO type document by Serek on CVS....[snip]

Great idea.  I've already incorporated much of the CVS mini-HOWTO into the HOWTO-HOWTO (H-H).
Hopefully it's still up to date.  At the time I was writing the H-H, I was still in
LD, while Jorge was using DB.  Now that the H-H is in DB, it might be worth it
to revisit this.  I'm still up on the "all-in-one HOWTO" idea.

My organization of the H-H is similar to what you have.  Most likely need some
ordering changes.


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