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Re: Something I would like to see

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Joshua Drake wrote:

> I suggest the following:
> I would like to see the LDP start accepting more than SGML as a file
> format. My personal taste would be Word Perfect. Why?
> Word Perfect 8 has the ability to open just about any document format,
> including Frame Maker.
> It has the ability to save to HTML, Postcript, Text and RTF..
> Wordperfect 9 has the ability to save to PDF, HTML, Text, and RTF.
> They both run on Linux. Wordperfect is free.

WordPerfect isn't free in the way Linux is free. The priority is about
free as in 'free speach' not as in 'free drinks'.

And I beg to differ having seen both output from DocBook SGML and
WordPerfect 8 about the quality of HTML output.


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