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Re: [OT] lyx failed...

On mar, 02 mai 2000, Gabriele.V à écrit
>I'm using Lyx to write my ISDN-HOWTO, but unfortunately the menu function
>"Export to Linuxdoc" has disappeared.
>Someone has suggestions ?
>Someone could convert it for me in sgml format so i can continue write it in
>native command line sgml ?
>I'm bored...

certainly you erased sgmltools or didn't use linuxdoc template in lyx.
Easy to debug:

1- try format/document /class and choose linux doc (sorry I use the french
one and don't know for shure what english labels are)
if you still can  export in linux box, close your lyx, open a xterm window
and launch lyx from there (as so one can see lyx messages)
make option/reconfigure and see what happens of sgml.

>Thank you !
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