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Re: todo (was: RE: Questions about future)

jdd wrote:
> could we make a survey and a result page anywhere on the ldp site with a
> list of text processors curently available on any platform saying
> name of the wp
> compatible with linuxdoc (sgmlcheck ok?)
> compatible with docbook (checker?)
> link to the url download if any
> link to macro repository to cope with import/export if available.

Please take a look at the HOWTO-HOWTO.

I've already listed SGML-capable text processors, which is:

psgml (emacs)
WP9/2000 (Windows only)

I have links for LyX and psgml.  WP9 is commercial only.  psgml works from
anecdotal evidence, LyX from personal experience.

If there are more out there, please let me know.


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