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Re: Something I would like to see

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 02:02:57PM -0700, Tom Fawcett wrote:
> Speaking as a HOWTO author, there's a fair amount of work in organizing,
> writing, illustrating, indexing and maintaining a document.  Learning
> SGML/DocBook is not trivial, but it's not horrible either, and it's only a
> small fraction of the (ongoing) overall author effort.  I have to wonder
> about the people for whom SGML is such an impediment to getting involved---
> would these people really make good contributors?

Ok, my take on this.  I'm not currently writing something for the LDP
however one or more of the documents may be offered to the LDP in the
future.  Docbook has been a bit of a sod to learn at times, however
this is trivial compared with trying to pull together the information
I need to gather and clean to create the document.  sgml/docbook
by it's nature allows me to work on the document on the celeron at
home, the PII at work and the rather naff P100 laptop I use on the
underground on the way home.  I'm not tied to any particular OS/editor
but I can merrily use a sgml/docbook wysiwyg editor if it's available.


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